About Us

Based in Johannesburg South Africa, MB Quip (Pty) Ltd is a level 1 BEE black owned and managed company. MB Quip (Pty) Ltd is dedicated to developing market- driven, unbiased conferences and workshops.

MB Quip (Pty) Ltd offers conferences and summits that serve senior executives and government officials and technical skills by providing a unique platform for highly focused content and presentation.

MB Quip has delivered conferences in Engineering, Rail, pharmaceuticals\biotech, medical devices, risk and insurance, Finance & Business and managed care markets, housing and development amongst others.


As a delegate, speaker or sponsor, you receive timely information on the latest investment opportunities, business strategies, domestic and international regulatory issues, operations and applied technologies.

Our events will provide you with concrete, real life examples that you can begin to apply at your organization immediately for significant impact on costs and revenue. Plus, there are extensive opportunities for networking and discussion with senior policy and decision makers. Our promise at MB Quip (Pty) Ltd is to listen to your needs and tailor our services to provide the desired outcome. We appreciate your needs are unique. When you select MB Quip (Pty) Ltd, you’re choosing a company that prides itself on a first class standard of professionalism. We look forward to every new challenge

Our Approach

In order to meet your training needs in the best way possible, MB Quip (Pty) Ltd intends to work closely with your organisation throughout the process of this training intervention. This should enable us to tailor the training solutions to your organisation and solve specific challenges that your organisation may be experiencing. During this process there may be benefit to liaise between MB Quip, its trainers and your organisation to further formulate the optimal performance improvement solution.

  • Needs Analysis – Identify your organisation strategic business objectives and drivers. This stage allows MB Quip (Pty) Ltd to understand the technical, non-technical, political and cultural aspects of the department/organisation.
  • Customise – Formulate an appropriate training solution and fine-tune course objectives and training material to meet your organisational needs.
  • Implement – Experienced trainers present the training course on-site at your organisations venue.
  • Assess – Compile course formative assessments and evaluation feedback and data, and report back to your organisation.
  • Follow-up – It is critical that the training course has translated into improved performance by your organisation learners back into the workplace

MB Quip (Pty) Ltd can offer additional mentoring, manager evaluation or workplace assessment to verify that the desired skills transfer has taken place.

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